Friday, July 28, 2006

Snakes on a Plane

Entertainment Weekly has a great article about the unique path that next month's Snakes on a Plane took from simple idea to pre-release internet sensation.

Money quote from Samuel L. Jackson, who touches on our recent conversations (here, here, and here) about movie critics:
''Snakes on a Plane doesn't speak volumes about s---. I just hope people go to this film and have a good time. Laugh, scream, freak each other out.'' He also hopes movie critics — who will have to do without advance screenings — will leave Snakes alone. ''Those motherf---ers don't need to watch this. They need to send some 13-year-old kid with f---ing pimples that goes to the mall every Friday to watch movies. I respect the people who are going to see this film, because they know what they like to see,'' he says. ''They like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hostel. Saw. They're not afraid to say they like it. I like those films too. I like seeing people getting f---ed up in strange and funny situations. There's a lot of us out there!''


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