Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Captain Copyright's Day Job

It seems that just like Superman, Captain Copyright has a day job at a newspaper. While Clark Kent worked at the Daily Planet, it seems that Captain Copyright's alter ego (who presumably looks just like Clark Kent) works at the North Country Gazette.

From the front page of the paper's website:
In accordance with Fair Use of Copyright: WE FORBID ANY REPRODUCTION in part or in whole of The North Country Gazette.
I particularly like the capitalization. Remember Captain Copyright's claim:
You are not permitted to copy or cut from any page or its HTML source code to the Windows™ clipboard (or equivalent on other platforms) onto any other website.
This, of course, is profusely ridiculous. As the Volokh Conspiracy points out, there's no way you can just state that Fair Use doesn't apply; that's the whole point of Fair Use.

FYI, just so I can reproduce some things from the Gazette, the North Country Gazette serves "New York State and beyond," providing "news, commentary, (and) investigative reports."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's hilarious. unfortunately, clark kent was a GOOD reporter.

10/24/2006 2:59 PM  

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