Monday, May 15, 2006

A Football Post?

For this, yes.

I was 8 years old when Doug Flutie threw the pass, and it's one of my earliest sports memories; it's a big loss that the sports world is not going to see Doug Flutie take the field again. He's had a charmed, if crazy, sports career, including being named the MVP of the Canadien Football League 6 times, and catching multiple foul balls from the box seats at Fenway Park. (See here where Fulite explains why he doesn't bring a glove anymore and here, from a year later, where he apparently used a glove to catch the foul ball.)

I'm not a big football guy, but I think an interesting case could be made for Doug Flutie's inclusion into the Hall of Fame. His NFL career is clearly not even close to enough, but his accomplishments in Canada are spectacular, and should count for a lot. Either way, it's sad news. But evidence suggests that whatever he does next, he'll be a success.


Blogger BW said...

The pass is also one of my earliest sports memories. I really knew nothing about BC, Miami, Doug Flutie or anything else associated with the game. It was on TV, and if there was football on TV my brother and I watched. After the game, we must have "recreated" the pass and ensuing celebration 50-60 times in my parent's bedroom (with us taking turns making catches while falling down into my parent's bed -- although we could have been in the family room falling into the couch, but I seem to remember falling into the bed for this particular event). Good times.

5/15/2006 5:13 PM  
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