Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Make Friends, Play Fantasy Football

According to the NY Times, playing fantasy football helps you make friends:
The Fantasy Sports Trade Association, an industry marketing and lobbying organization, worked with an associate professor at the University of Mississippi to study fantasy sports behavior.
Some highlights of the study:
— 40 percent of players say participation increases camaraderie among employees.
— 36 percent of players say fantasy sports are a positive influence at work.
— 30 percent say they have made friends at work through fantasy sports.
The Times notes some other issues in the research, suggesting the opposite:
Most fantasy sports players are white men. In the association’s latest study, 92 percent of respondents were men. The average age was 36, and 91 percent of players were white.
So if you're a white male, then you can make friends with other white males by playing fantasy football; everyone else, you're out. I actually find this result surprising.... I'm not surprised that it's mostly males, but I'm not sure why the fantasy football field is so white.

(I can't find any posting of the actual study, here's another article on it.)


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